Our Team

Mr. Wellington Chinembiri


Wellington manages and works as a Physiotherapist at the two established branches in Windhoek. Despite his deep knowledge in movement sciences and over a 20-year experience, he enjoys working with patients and brings out the best in his team. He believes appropriate movement should be empowering, encouraging, and fun. “We are passionate about patient education and above all we let the hands do the talking as well,” he says.


His narrative dates back to when he was in primary school when he helped his grandmother who was admitted to the hospital with colon cancer. He says he was his grandmother’s favorite grandson for some reason best known to her. He assisted her with transfers and other chores both in the hospital and at home. Though his grandmother passed on, this later ignited a passion in him to serve people in pain and those unable to take care of themselves.


Wellington graduated with a BSc Honors in Physiotherapy in 2003 and ACCA in 2005. Having gained valuable experience at the Roman Catholic Hospital between 2006 and 2010, he opened Wellington Physiotherapy practice in 2011 with a different light. In his career path, he has done more than fifty additional courses in different fields of orthopedics, neck, back, sports injury, neurology, respiratory conditions, pediatrics, and intensive care management.


Experienced in core strengthening, manual therapy, and exercise programs to reduce pain and aid function, he is goal-oriented with the aim to achieve measurable patient goals. His passion for his job keeps him going, and the remarkable therapeutic results are of intrinsic value to him and his patients. In addition, he is mostly touched by the young people who are working hard in either their academic or sporting careers.


Outside of his clinical practice, Wellington loves being with his family, reading, listening to audiobooks, and exercising. He also enjoys traveling and watching his favorite soccer team play.